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keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.

think you've seen everything? think again.

I'm Abbey. I'm 17. At the time of writing this, it's 13.21 on Saturday 1st September, and I've got a broken foot - essentially i'm just filling up the time until I find something more productive to do (other than college work, which I have been obstinately avoiding all summer). Speaking of college, I go to Farnborough Sixth Form, which is good, but even better when I get to go in late and come home early. (Which didn't happen often last year - that's what you get for taking 5 AS levels +General Studies. Here's hoping for a better timetable this year!)
I'm English, and I have a strong Scottish heritage. I live in Hampshire with my mum, my dad, and my brother. I'm am: Cancerian, 5ft 2, clumsy, sensitive, perspicacious, studious, excitable, friendly, welcoming, dependable, charitable, open-minded and almost always happy. I'm a grammar nerd and I always type properly.